Who is « Drakspirit »
Since his teens, his Street Artist name was Drak, Drak is a derivative of the word « Dragon ». As a passionate lover of American Comics (especially  » The Spirit,  » by Will Eisner), the ensuing stories and graphics was for him a constant source of inspiration. Drakspirit is therefore the amalgamation of his street artist name, and the inspirational graphic stories he read. His passion for photography began in the 90s, when he received his first camera, his preferred photography is working only in Black and White, he does however shoot both on film and in the digital format. He loves what he does and is able to explore and create across the spectrum of styles and themes. Having been a photojournalist, he has no preconceived approach to his work; everything is done intuitively with whatever scene presents itself and in the manner and style of a film director, which in turn culminates in a highly distinctive style and single image. His portraiture adopts the same technique, he experiments with the extremes of light and natural contrasts, which is highlighted in the depth, richness and presentation of the subject matter, and the processing of the images gives them a cinematic and captivating characteristic as depicted by the models demeanour and expression.

Unleash the sin
Unleash the sin, what does it mean? To resume… unleash, is to go beyond the limits. The term sin in this context, is a break with normalcy.

What is sin?
Is it the digital medium, for there is loss of depth, strength and grain that is not present like in the use of od film cameras settings. The challenge for Drak is to hide this particular defect, that’s why in his images; there is almost no distinction between film and digital. And it creates homogeneity within his gallery.

How to unleash?
By going instinctively to the depths of the scene or the subject being photographed. To bring out the emotions of the story to create a composition blended with dynamism, contrast, mystery and light.

Drakspirit, is an intuitive artist and creator, with multiple sources of inspirations who can truly be admired for his work which is full of visual force, but always in the context of the story or emotion.